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Singapore Property Launches – Singapore’s preferred new launch condo and upcoming property condo launch site.

At Singapore Property Launches, we only work with the best developer appointed sales representatives to bring you the best possible pricing for all new condo launches in Singapore.

We have partnered with appointed developer sales representatives from various developers to bring you the latest information like condo floor plans, condo site plan, condo pricing, and balance units in every upcoming new launch condo in Singapore.

New launch condo near MRT, freehold condo or leasehold condo, condo with the lowest entry price, whatever your requirements are, our professional sales representative from the various developers are here to help you make the right decision!

No more comparing between different agencies and agents!

At Singapore Property Launches, we believe you deserve the best price.

All About Singapore New Launch Condo

Singapore New Launch Condo

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Buying a home in Singapore, be it an HDB or private condo property, is and can be a whirlwind experience. Some people are purchasing a property or condo to get started off as an investor, while others are just looking for a nice family home to move into.

Where ever you fall on the real estate property spectrum, you need to be informed as a buyer before you put your money down and purchase the property. At Singapore Property Launches, not only we will share with homeowners what are potential new launch condo projects to look out for, but we will also be sharing with investors how to read the development’s site plan and floor plan and how to choose the best unit within their budget.

Floor plan for HDB and floor plan design for a condo can be very different. Contact our sales representative to find out more!

On the other hand, when it comes to selling that same property, it’s a whole new ballgame. Suddenly the tables are turned. You need a whole new set of rules to play by, and Singapore Property Launches hope to give all homeowner/ investors an insight into Singapore’s ever-changing property market with our appointed professional sales representatives. You can find out more about the 7 ways to sell your property in 3 days.

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Singapore condo launches
singapore condo launches
singapore property launches
singapore property launches
singapore property launches

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Singapore Property Launches - Singapore's preferred new launch condo property site

At Singapore Property Launches, we only work with the best.

We have partnered with appointed developer sales representatives from various developers to bring you the latest information, pricing, and balance units in every upcoming property new launch condo in Singapore.

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New launch condo near MRT, top selling new launch condo, balance units and latest pricing. Everything you need to know about the various new launch condo in Singapore. Call us to find out more!

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Having difficulty selling your property? Whether is it HDB or private condo, our team of professional sale representatives is here to help you! Give us a call for a non-obligatory discussion!


Looking to purchase commercial property in Singapore for investment? What are the things you should look out for? Talk to our professional commercial sales representatives! 

Daniel SinDaniel Sin
06:38 03 Mar 22
Daryl is a great property agent , who helps me a lot to settle up new house. I'm to happy with his professional , passionate and hardworking style. Such awesome customer service provider.Thank you Daryl and highly recommend New Launch condo..
Arter PandaanArter Pandaan
06:27 03 Mar 22
I'm really thankful to engaged with Daryl for my apartment lease.Such a informative and knowledgeable agent. He guided me thoroughly and efficiently. Thank you Daryl for your great customer service. Highly recommend New Launch condo ..
Donovan LeongDonovan Leong
04:39 02 Mar 22
When we started our house hunting, we have absolutely no clue on where and what to buy. Daryl was very patient with us. He helped us with our financial calculation, worked out our budget and recommended a few projects to us. Went to view some of them before finally decided to commit. Love his work ethics and how he always goes the extra mile. Thank you!
Wèi YongnianWèi Yongnian
04:09 01 Mar 22
Very proactive team! Love how responsive they are and they regularly update about the progress. They managed to sell my property within 2 weeks. Extremely efficient.
Elizabeth OwElizabeth Ow
17:12 23 Feb 22
Daryl is very professional and efficient agent , my experience with him was awesome such a nice guy very helpful and informative. Provided me all information about property and buying process. I'm really thankful to him and highly recommend New Launch condo..
Natalie WongNatalie Wong
05:22 23 Feb 22
Have engaged Daryl for couple of property transaction , sale or rental, and he has proven himself to be extremely professional and reliable. He goes above and beyond , and he is very responsive. Very trustworthy person and highly recommend , New Launch condo.
Mek HaileMek Haile
17:48 22 Feb 22
Daryl is very knowledgeable and professional about the current property market condition. He is helpful and able to provide accurate information and great advice.Friendly yet easy to communicate . We have a smooth experience for the entire property purchase process . He is a great asset of New Launch condo.
Jen ReyesJen Reyes
17:31 20 Feb 22
We had a great experience from start to all the way the end. Even entering our new home, the Condo team had a welcome home and everything was clean . Especially thanks to Daryl for his great customer service and everything he has done for us.
Sherily ZhangSherily Zhang
17:31 20 Feb 22
Living in a luxury apartment is likely worth it as long as you take all of the expenses into account. ... Most luxury apartments are in a gated community and come with premium amenities like strengthened security and spacious pools, which adds to the overall cost for rent.
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